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    Relax and heal

    Carpathian Rus, Silverland, Land clothe to the sky… whenever you call Zakarpattia, it will give you always peace and health when you are here.

    You will find healing springs and mineral waters in all corners of the region, and also the most popular thermal bathes and vats.

  • Your eyes and soul will joy while looking at Carpathian landscapes. Zakarpattias’ mountains are one of the most beautiful in the whole world, and are perfect in any period of year. Combined with clean air and ancient sacred monuments, it creates very deep emotions and spiritual comfort.


  • When you will get hungry, we always offer you dishes made of 100% organic food. Eco dairy products, mountain honey, spring water and Transcarpathian wines are already famous for centuries all around Ukraine and Central Europe.


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    Uniqueness of the land

    Another uniqueness of Zakarpattia is its multiculturalism. You can experience Hungary, Slovakia and even Germany within Ukraine. It happened so historically. It is visible in architecture, historical monuments, mentality and dialect.

  • Talking to locals or being a guest here, you can ‘touch’ culture conserved back from Medieval. Look keenly on locals’ traditions and way of life.

  • Zakarpattia’s cultural heritage, conserved traditions and moral principles are also objects of huge interest. Only getting to know our land closer, you can understand true Zakarpattian peacefulness, hospitality and diligence.

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    Cultural mix created incredible rich and tasty cuisine. Except of original Zakarpattian dishes, there are also meals traditional for Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Russian, Romanian, Jewish, German and even Gypsy cuisines. Our tables will not let you remain indifferent.

  • One of the Zakarpattian gastronomy features is that almost all meals are made of ingredients grown up by local farmers. That means you can be sure in the organic origin of the meals on your table!

  • Zakarpattia is also famous for its wine and honey. Talking about wines, they got glorious in Austro-Hungarian times being a part of the Tokay wine region. Local honey became so popular nowadays because the herbal diversity of the mountains created the best “doctors” - Carpathian bees.

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    Carpathians in Zakarpattia are special. You must see it by your own, just experience…

  • Nature enriched the region with picturesque valleys and meadows, waterfalls, karst caves, mountain lakes, and even by own “Dead Sea”.

  • Red Rue, Edelweiss, Arnica, Willow Herb, Brown Bear, Lynx and Salamander are only a small part of Carpathian inhabitants that Zakarpattia can show you.

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    Sport Activities

    A good index of health is active life. Carpathians are perfect for it. A variety of ski resorts for different requirements and levels are the true paradise for lovers of winter vacations.

  • In any period of a year, plenty of mountain trails give you an opportunity to challenge yourself, test endurance, and improve health. Explore this land and make sure it is much better than on pictures of many other mountain ranges.

  • If you are not enough impressed by mountain snow and squally winds on picks, explore other dimensions of Zakarpattia through rafting, paragliding, hot air ballooning, off-road driving, ATV (quadro-cycling), climbing, etc.

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    Since 17 century, natural gifts of Zakarpattia were used for medical purposes. Nowadays, there are hundreds of resorts within the region based on mineral water, which specialize on the treatment of respiratory tract, circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, diseases of skin and stomach.

  • Resting in Zakarpattia, you must visit hot springs that are known for their healing capabilities far beyond Ukraine. Also, it is worth to dip in the Carpathian Sea – salt lakes of Solotvino. Carpathian Sea is nor invention, neither mystification. Once, the Carpathian Mountains used to be a surface of a sea, but it was such long time ago that the outlines of the continents changed beyond recognition. In memory of that sea, there remained a giant salt monolith. Remember, the best treatment - is prevention, so come to Zakarpattia for new experiences and rehabilitation!