Way to Zakarpattia

Zakarpattia has all types of direct transport connections (except of on water) with most of Ukrainian regions and neighboring countries such as Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. There are an airport, bus and railway stations, and many border crossing points for trains, cars, riders, and on walk. The international highway Lisbon-Kyiv crosses Zakarpattia, too.

On air

The nearest international airports to Zakarpattia are Kosice (Slovakia), Debrecen (Hungary), and Lviv (Ukraine). Also, we would suggest to take into account big air hubs of those three capitals: Kyiv, Budapest, and Bratislava. Zakarpattia has a good connection with all these airports. You can get from there by bus, train, or car. You can search on flights to these destinations from all over the world through following link https://www.skyscanner.com

By train

You can take a direct train to Zakarpattia from almost all regions of Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary. On the web site of Ukrzaliznica, you can look for more information on timetable and prices, or to book tickets.

By bus

Zakarpattia is connected with other destinations also through network of bus routes. The bus connection with nearest countries and regions is also well developed. You can find your bus by the following links:

http://ticket.bus.com.ua/?lang=en , and


By car

There few options how to get to Zakarpattya by car: through Lvivska oblast, Ivano-Frankivska oblast, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. However, while planning the route, consider the fact that crossing the border will take some time. Also, sometimes GPS shows not the best route but the shortest. For example, it could make a route from Hungary to Ukraine via Romania. Be careful, because you have to cross an additional border, it will take much more time.