Uzh, the West Boarder

Do you like nature that is untouched by human activity through centuries? Or, would you like to be in the cave with bats? Maybe you are interested in the culture of the Carpathian inhabitants, wooden churches, or trying tasty river trout after bathing in a vat. If you are a real travel seeker and if you want to visit new
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The first historical memories about his city date back form the 9th century, the time when Hungarian tribes crossed Carpathian mountain. Thus, Mukachevo is considered as one of the oldest Ukrainian cities. Except of its long history, Mukachevo is also famous because of old paved streets, city Hall, and a great castle. The castle Palanok is probably the greatest “storehouse”
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This very specific and unusual town is one of Zakarpattia’s wine making centers.  Romantic ruins of Kanko castle (13th-16th centuries) is situated on a mystery Black Mount that surrounds the city. In the Vinohradiv downtown, you will visit Franciscan monastery and get to know representatives of this Order. In addition, you will visit their Ascension Catholic church that used to be
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The biggest Hungarian city of Ukraine, wine-making center of Zakarpattia, a geothermal springs' paradise, the former royal capital of Transilvania, Hungary, and Poland... It is just a short list of things, that Beregovo (or, Beregszaz) residents can be proud for. Probably, you are not going to feel yourself as in Hungary anywhere else within Ukraine. Most of people here are Hungarians,
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