• Walking in the city center of Beregovo, getting to know the Hungarian culture and architecture.
  • Catholic temple of 12th century
  • Palace of the Comitat’s court of justice
  • Residence of Transylvanian king Gabor Bethlen
  • Hotel “Lion Yard” 17th century
  • Hungarian Theatre
  • Legendary casino-restaurant “Golden Peahen” (1913)
  • Humpbacked bridge through Verke-river, harbor

 Program of the Tour

Lamperthaza (Beregovo) is ethnic Hungarian town. Probably, you are not going to feel yourself as in Hungary anywhere else within Ukraine. Most of people here are Hungarians, names of cafes and streets are in both Ukrainian and Hungarian, the architecture is Austro-Hungarian. It is a true Hungarian corner of Ukraine!

However, most of tourists come here not because of Hungarian culture. The most attractive objects here are geothermal waters that made this town famous in the Soviet Union. Also, if you are planning to come here in Spring, you must visit the festival of “White Wine”. In fact, this region became famous already in Austrian times because of Tokay wine region that includes modern Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine. In addition, there is one of the highest amount of private winemakers who keep the traditions of making wines far from ancestors.

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During the Beregovo city tour, you are going to see the palace of the Comitat’s court of justice that represents ideological art of Austro-Hungarian empire, one of the oldest gothic buildings within Ukraine (11th-12th centuries), monument of Hungarian king St. Ishtvan, twins houses, legendary casino “Golden Peahen” and its satellite Humpbacked bridge.

Another object of interest is the residence of Transylvanian king Gabor Bethlen with wine cellars that used to be a medieval Dominican monastery; that’s why it looks like a hybrid of a castle and a monastery.

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термальні басейни