Do you like nature that is untouched by human activity through centuries? Or, would you like to be in the cave with bats? Maybe you are interested in the culture of the Carpathian inhabitants, wooden churches, or trying tasty river trout after bathing in a vat.

If you are a real travel seeker and if you want to visit new places in Zakarpattia, we suggest you this tour.

You’ll have opportunity to:

  • Hug the oldest oaks of Ukraine;
  • Walk through one of the oldest beech forests of Europe, which are under UNESCO protection;
  • Enter a bunker of famous Arpad Line, which Red Army couldn’t pass;
  • Enjoy the landscape from a beautiful mountain pass;
  • Visit an old wooden church that is recognized as a part of world heritage;
  • Be in the cave with bats;
  • Bath in the vat with healing mineral water, and
  • Eat the “royal” fish of Carpathians, trout.

 Duration of the Tour

The duration of the tour is 1 day. We will leave from Koriatovicha square in Uzhgorod at 08:00 and arrive back approximately at 20:00.

Included into the price:

Transportation in a comfortable bus

Tour guide for the whole tour duration

Travel insurance

Entrance fees

Bathing in a vat

Not included:

  • Food on the tour

 08:00 – departing from Uzhgorod

Arpad Line (bunker tour)

The Arpad Line is a powerful fortification line of World War II. Hungarian forces built by to protect Carpathians from the Red Army’s attack. It is 700+ kilometers long and passes boarders of modern Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania. It was called so in the name of ancient Hungarian leader Arpad, who conquered Pannonia (the modern Hungary) in the late 9th century.


Some of the oldest trees of Ukraine grow in this village. Have you ever tried to hug a tree that is 9 meters in girth? You will have this opportunity! This tree is 30 meters high and over 1,000 years old. Experts say that local oaks are circa 1,200 – 1,300 years old. Every 100 years oaks gain 1 meter in girth, but then they grow more slowly after 500 years. Thus, only olive (over 2,000 years) and pistachio (1,700) trees are older in Ukraine.

Uzhok mountain pass

There are plenty of parks and protected natural areas along this road. Furthermore, the pass is a part of Uzhanski National Park. By the way, that last one is a part of the only worldwide trilateral International Biosphere Nature Reserve ‘East Carpathians’.

Uzhok pass became a favorite place for hikers, cyclists, photographers, and just passing cars. It will stay in your hurt for a long time with its picturesque landscapes and serpentines.

St. Michael church, Uzhok

One of the most famous Zakarpattian churches is situated here in Uzhok, right under the mountain pass. It was constructed in the name of St. Archangel Michael in 1745. The original icons and books of 17th and 18th centuries are preserved until now there. The bell that is hundred years older than the church is still functioning. Many painters come here to draw the church. Furthermore, it is also a part of UNESCO world heritage since 2013.

Bathing in a vat

A unique procedure was invented in this region. Sitting in a mineral water has healing effect. You sit in a vat with this water that is on fire and you are literally cooked. The temperature of the water is 38-42o C. In addition, you change hot water on cold one that causes a positive shock for your body. The procedure is good for nervous system, cardiovascular system. It strengthens libido (both for men and women), stimulates the functions of the immune system and the thyroid gland, improves the activity of the musculoskeletal system, promotes recovery after injuries and fractures, restores elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

After that, you will try a delicious trout.

Bon appetite!

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