• Kanko castle, 13th century
  • Palace and park of Pereni dynasty, 16-18 centuries
  • Ascension Catholic church
  • Franciscan monastery (1516) and church
  • Greek-Catholic church, 1796
  • Former synagogue of 19th century
  • Historical wine cellars of the town
  • Historical museum of Vinohradiv

 Program of the Tour

виноградівський замок

This very specific and unusual town is one of Zakarpattia’s wine making centers.  Romantic ruins of Kanko castle (13th-16th centuries) is situated on a mystery Black Mount that surrounds the city. In the Vinohradiv downtown, you will visit Franciscan monastery and get to know representatives of this Order. In addition, you will visit their Ascension Catholic church that used to be a watchtower, too, in the past.

Still few years ago, the Franciscan monastery building was a place for Historical museum of Vinoghadiv that wasn’t big but had collection of bronze stuff dated 2000 B.C. Nowadays, the museum is located in other place. In addition, you can find here exponents dated million years ago.

Being a part of a fortification in the 16th and 17th centuries, Pereni Castle was reconstructed into a luxury palace with a big park. There were saved frescos from 18th century and great cellars. It is one of the oldest architectural monuments of such a type within Zakarpattia.

Wine lovers will definitely like mysterious cellars made in the rock under Black Mount. They are very old and 350 meters long. In the Soviet times, only higher members of the communistic party were allowed to visit them. Nowadays, you can have a degustation of famous Zakarpattian wines such as Royal Leanka, Sauvignon, Stepniak, Muller Thurgau, Isabella, etc.

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виноградівський замок